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Natural Floor Cleaner

Deep Impact Probiotic Natural Floor Cleaner

Right4Paws has introduced natural floor cleaners to safeguard furry friends from skin reactions and allergies caused by the chemical residues of floor cleaners. Floor is home for most pets.

Deep Impact offers you the safest way to clean, sanitize and deodorize your home! The proprietary technology ensures safety of you and your loved ones while also taking care of the environment as it is made with bio-based ingredients in a low footprint process and is climate friendly. You can use For All Washable Surfaces: ceramic tiles, glass, metal, plastic, etc. Not recommended for use on black kadappa stone and unsealed wood. With its powerful cleaning and Germ Guard technology you can also use it to clean bathroom floors, sinks and toilets.

Right4Paws floor cleaners are 100% natural with No Chemicals, No Compounds and No synthetic additives/ It is infused with pre & probiotic, which prevent unhealthy residues and demonstrably clean more sustainably and hygienically.

Probiotic cleaners promote positive bacteria, providing natural protection for the skin and living environment. They create an environment where pathogenic bacteria cannot survive as probiotics live cultures are dominant. Due to the natural ingredients and positive microorganisms, our probiotic cleaning products are exceptionally gentle on skin, surfaces and materials. Compared to conventional cleaners, probiotic cleaning products offer significant advantages in eliminating microbiological impurities.

⦁ Eliminates bad odours - no masking with perfume
⦁ Effective and economical: low costs due to high dilution rates
⦁ Particularly suitable for those with allergies
⦁ Outstanding cleaning performance on all surfaces and materials
⦁ Probiotic cleaning effect prevents dirt and odours from recurring


proprietary probiotic culture, proprietary natural fragrance blend, natural sugar source, mineral powder, purified water, sea salt.


⦁ In half a bucket of water (4 litre) add 3 capfuls of Deep Impact. Mop the floor with a clean mop.
⦁ In half litre of water add 2 capfuls of Deep Impact for surface cleaning. Use undiluted for stubborn stains, and wipe after 10-15 minutes.