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The Team

Dhanu Roy, Founder

Dhanu has been a veteran dog sport enthusiast & breeder for over 30 years, a passion that started when he was in school and continued even when he was pursuing a career as an investment banker with Standard Chartered Bank (SCB). He is a consulted expert in the field and a life member of Kennel Club of India. He has been experimenting with canine nutrition for 15 years to bring out the best in his dogs that participate in championships throughout the world. In 2019, he hung up his boots as a banker and dived fully into his “pet” passion. Dhanu is an MBA in Finance from PSG College of Technology. 


Sameer Achan, Co-founder

Sameer was Dhanu's class mate and his journeyman. Together they are on a mission to ensure the holistic wellbeing of pets. Sameer was exuberant when he realised that something impactful can be created by combining two things he loves the most “pets” & “food”, so after 20 years in the world of corporate finance and advisory, he jumped straight into creating a brand that he feels can make a difference and would create a lasting impact in the life of pets and pet parents. Sameer brings on board the experience of building teams from ground zero and scaling businesses. Sameer is an MBA in Finance from PSG College of Technology. 

Rajat Kumar, Promoter Director

Rajat Kumar joined the Board of Directors of Right4Paws in October 2022. A Financial Markets professional with over 30 years of experience in Banking, Rajat brings to the company his understanding of financial markets and his passion for building new businesses with a purpose. Being a passionate pet parent, Rajat saw a meeting of purpose with the company on the journey to impactful progress in the Pet Care space. During his years of work with Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) in India and Dubai, Rajat was associated with building the Financial Markets business in India, Africa and the Middle East. Rajat is a B Tech (Mechanical Engineering) from IIT, Bombay and an MBA from IIM, Bangalore.

Dr. Pallabi Mahanta, Head - Customer Engagement

Dr. Pallabi is a qualified veterinarian and is also a strong believer in the holistic way of living, for humans as well as for our companion animals. She believes that right nutrition is the easiest and most effective way we can help improve our pets health, wellness and longevity. Hence, she feels a strong connection to the mission that Right4paws is on.
Pallabi has worked in the past with consumer brands like Mercedes Benz, David Llyod Talwalkar’s Club and Wiggles where she has managed customer experience functions. Coming in with a successful track record of building CRM functions in her previous roles, Dr. Pallabi focuses on a ‘customer-first’ approach and helps guide pet-parents to enhance the lives of their furry friends with Right4Paws’ holistic range of products.

Dhanaraj Muthuramalingam, National Sales Manager

Dhanaraj is a veteran in the pet industry with a career spanning nearly 25 years in pet food and pet pharma companies like Ranbaxy, Royal Canin, Drools, Farmina and Wiggles.
He has launched multiple brands in the market and has helped them scale to leadership positions. He has developed sales teams and has mentored many of the leaders currently managing sales for various companies in the industry. Dhanaraj is a well-regarded professional among veterinarians, retailers and Industry experts. Dhanaraj is focused on growing the geographic footprint for Right4paws and developing the national sales strategy. His ability to scale brands and teams is a valuable asset for Right4Paws to achieve its mission of providing holistic wellbeing of pets


Dr Charlotte Gray, Chief Knowledge Officer

Dr Charlotte Gray MA VetMB (Cantab) MRCVS is a Cambridge Graduated British Veterinary Surgeon and a pet lover. She is founder of the ‘The Raw Vet’ – the first clinically formulated frozen raw dog food in the UK. She lives on a free range farm in the country side of UK with 9 large breed dogs and 9 cats. Charlotte has worked in general practice for eleven years, but in recent years has followed her passion for Canine Nutrition forming her own practice offering Veterinary Nutrition Services advising owners of clinically unwell pets and commercial pet food companies. Her association with Righ4Paws was driven by the potential to improve the lives of pets and that’s what drove Charlotte to be a part of this journey.

Our Manufacturing

Right4Paws pet food is manufactured at a facility that is cradled in the lap of nature at the foothills of Western Ghats at Mankarai in Coimbatore. It is part of a larger integrated infrastructure consisting of a Training/ Leisure playground, Pet Food Production facility, Kennels, Run Area, Treadmills & Grooming, Tables, etc.

We follow a sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing process with zero effluent discharge, air pollution or use of chemicals, detergents and synthetic compounds in the process of production. We train & employ local tribals who have worked with us since inception. Our manufacturing process is entirely managed by women and more than 50% of the total workforce of the company is women. We make sure that the manufacturing & practices that we follow are friendly to the biodiversity of the environment.

Technical Alliance


Right4Paws (through its legal entity Pet Prakalp India Pvt Ltd) has a technical alliance with The RawVet Ltd of UK (www.therawvet.co.uk) for the formulation, R&D support, training, and knowledge partnership. The founder of The RawVet Ltd, Dr. Charlotte Gray is an integral part of the Pet Prakalp team as the Chief Knowledge Officer & Head – Nutrition & Research. RawVet is a member of the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, UK (PFMA) and is the first UK company offering prescription diets in natural form

Technology Used For Preservation of Natural Nutrition

Right4Paws uses a proprietary process called Multi Factor Controlled Dehydration (MFCD) to gently dehydrate while preserving the natural nutrients of the ingredients. The ingredients are measured, pulverized and blended into a homogeneous mix and then dehydrated to get dry food in the form of composite meat flakes that is shelf stable with a long shelf life. Dehydration using MFCD process ensures that the ingredients are not denatured, and natural nutrition is fully preserved.

We pack the food in vacuum packs, which is the technology used to pack food for astronauts making forays into outer space. The barrier properties of the vacuum packs ensure that there is no contact with the external environment, ensuring no microbial growth, and long shelf life. Vacuum pack technology allows us to deliver food for your loved ones without any chemical preservatives.

So, when you get a Right4Paws pack, remember the convenience of ‘open and feed natural nutrition’ comes from the strength of new age technology that we have used. That’s why we call Right4Paws pet food “The Next Generation Pet Food"