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‘I’m diabetic, I wish I had something like this’ joked Tofy’s owner as he cradles him affectionately in his arms, marveling at the difference that the balanced Right4Paws diet has made on his seven-and-a-half-year-old diabetic pooch. Pet parents often believe that their furry friend’s diet is balanced as there are no visible or immediate signs proving otherwise. This, however, is far from the reality of the situation since some deficiencies and ailments take time to reveal themselves and cannot be dismissed throughout their life by the fact that the dog’s coat is shiny or that they are very active and maintain good weight. In Tofy’s case, his diabetes was diagnosed when he was around 6 years old and out came with it, a host of symptoms. He not only suffered from an uncontrollable bladder and depleted body mass, but also fell prey to a diabetes induced cataract which left him completely blind.  His energy levels were another cause for concern as they took a significant hit with the onset of his illness. The once lively pooch was rendered lethargic and unmotivated, wanting to spend all day inside the safety of his cage, leaving his owners at a loss for a solution.


Although you can’t entirely prevent canine diabetes, one of the main aspects of their life that can aid in prevention of the problem to a certain extent is their diet. With this in mind and all the above problems at hand, they turned to the use of specialized diabetic diets for Tofy in the hopes that it would bring about a glimmer of his old self. Tofy, however, immediately made it clear to them that they were barking up the wrong tree. He entirely refused to consume these expensive diets and his owners’ efforts were in vain as they had to dispose of them pack by pack.


In search of anything that could lessen his suffering, they came across the Right4Paws diet. Following the guidelines set by the FEDIAF (The European Pet Food Industry), they learnt that Right4Paws had a specially formulated diet which prided itself on providing balance and nutrition which is species and biologically appropriate, better for their dog’s health and holds a low obesity risk. It also ensured that the formula provided all the necessary nutrients for their dog with each portion of food in accordance with his life stage and activity levels.


Impressed by its numerous benefits, Tofy’s parents purchased it in their continued attempt to find something that would both improve his health and please his taste buds. With Right4Paws using real ingredients and supplying each nutrient in just the right quantities, they were delighted when he took to it instantly. In less than 5 months on this diet, Tofy’s parent boasts about its hand in providing a control over his diabetic situation. It not only led to improved muscle mass and bladder control, but has also significantly boosted his eyesight to a semi- blind state. His activity levels as well have seen a number of paw-sitive changes as he now drags his owner instead of the other way around while out and about on the leash. Under their circumstances, the discovery of this diet was their saving grace as they can now confidently say that it saved him from the slippery slope that he was sliding down. While his parents can undoubtedly attest to the brilliance of this diet, Tofy too has a say. He hopes that you order a pack, see the difference for yourself and reward him for his recommendation with a tasty treat!